PeopleSavers: Length, Ages and Prices as follows; Level-1: 1 hr, ages 5-6 $20/ Level-2: 2 hrs, ages 7-8 $30 / Level-3: 3 hrs, ages 9-10 $40 / Level-4: 4 hrs, ages 11-12 $50
A fun, educational,  4-level program teaches safety, awareness and first aid skills to elementary school children aged 5-12 years. Children learn to check for safety at home and in their community, how to call for help and how to care for an injured person. PeopleSavers is great for School, Youth and Community Groups. The PeopleSavers Course is approved by Curriculum Services Canada (CSC).

Lessons taught are supported by colouring workbooks for each level.
Participants follow the “PeopleSavers” character for each level through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and they learn to:
Check for Safety
Call for Help
Care for an Injured Person
The PeopleSavers mascot is always there to reinforce the safety message: “Prepare! Stay Safe! Survive!”

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