Hire Qualified and Experienced Occupational First Aid Level-3 First Aid Attendants…

Okanagan Priority One Trauma is a community first aid service leader in the Okanagan Valley. With highly trained and skilled first aid attendants, Okanagan Priority One Trauma offers professional, confident first aid attendants for employers or at your event.

Employers: When your staff are unable or not capable of working and you need assistance! we are available… Call for rates!


With staff experienced in attending at small, and large scale events, as well as extreme sporting events, you won’t have to worry about any first aid or safety needs, as our experienced staff will handle all emergencies. Specialized staff trained in trauma care ensures that no matter what happens at your event, excellent patient care is delivered until BC Ambulance arrives.

Here is what we have to bring to your event, so all first aid needs are covered:

What is supplied for each event is:

  • A first aid station.
  • Fully equipped level III jump kits; capable for most major and minor traumas.
  • Oxygen therapy kit including airways, BVM, partial rebreather masks to assist in maintaining proper airway management.
  • Spinal immobilization equipment, clam shell, KED (for extrication out of vehicles), hard collars, head immobilizer etc.
  • Excellent patient care and monitoring until B.C. Ambulance arrives.

We do not transport, but do make the judgment – when to call 911; It is a lot faster for transportation. Besides, when BCAS arrives, they take over the responsibilities of patient care, keeping us at the event, allowing you full coverage at all times. We also have a business & mobile license and are insured.

Some of the events we have covered in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Mudd Sweat & Tears Obstacle marathon
  • 2011 Motocross Championship (hosted by Robin Gibbs at SOEC)
  • KDB Association Motocross events
  • Penticton Speedway & Bull-A-Rama 
  • Penticton Peach Festival 
  • Ironman / Penticton Challenge 
  • Downtown Penticton Association events including triathlons
  • Dragon Boat festival 
  • Osoyoos Horse Racing
  • British Columbia’s BMX Championship Competitions
  • Ride the Giant /Freeride Longboard Competitions in Summerland, BC 
  • Triathlons, Duathlons & children’s marathons, Cross-country run and marathons
  • We also volunteer in the ‘Medical tent’ at the Peach City Ironman Triathlon / Penticton Challenge along with many others

Okanagan Priority One Trauma specializes in high risk events. With our highly trained first aid attendants, whatever your event, we can guarantee that your event will be well covered, and any patients will have the best medical care until BC Ambulance Service arrives to take over care and transport the patient.

Darryn has over 25 years hands-on experience delivering first aid at events and the work force. All staff are trained or evaluated by him.

It would be a privilege to provide professional first aid services for your event.

To book first aid attendants for your event call:
250.487.8389 for Alice; Course & Event Coordinator, Administration

or email us at admin[at]priorityonetrauma(dot)com